Quikr Brand Guidelines

We at Quikr have gone through a transformative process that weeds out the obsolete, inflexible and complex in favour of the modern, malleable and user-friendly. Our brand pairs these traits with an intuitive understanding of our consumers.

At our core, we continue to be uncomplicated and approachable. Simplifying and improving the lives of millions of users every day.

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Logo Specifications

The proportions of the Quikr logo must always be as per these specifications.

Colour Values

Quikr’s characteristic blue and green are comprised of the values mentioned below. Please refer to the CMYK values for print and the RGB values for online usage.

  • #0faa13
  • 15 | 170 | 20 RGB
    00 | 127 | 191 RGB
  • 75 | 00 | 100 | 10 CMYK
    100 | 35 | 00 | 00 CMYK
  • #8a8c8e
  • 00 | 00 | 00 | 55 CMYK
    00 | 00 | 00 | 70 CMYK
Breathing Space

To ensure that the logo always stands out, maintain a space equal to the ‘x’ -height of the ‘u’ in the logo on all four sides.

Minimum Size

To ensure readability, the logo should never be smaller than the recommended size.

Against a Background

The official Quikr logo, in its characteristic colours, can be placed against a solid black or white background. The white logo should be used if the background is Quikr blue or Quikr green. In case printing is limited to greyscale, a black or grey background can be used; in both cases the logo will be white.

Against an Image

When the logo is to be used against a busy background (image, graphic, texture, etc.), use a white or black band as depicted in the 2nd and 3rd examples.

Depending on the image, one may also use a Quikr blue or Quikr green band with a white logo, as depicted in the remaining examples.

Incorrect Logo Usage

Do not alter elements of the logo in any of the following ways:

Do not interchange the logo colours.
Do not apply shadows.
Do not apply shadows.
The ‘Q’ should not be altered in anyway.
Do not distort the logo.
Make sure the logo is always clear and legible.
Do not change or alter the logo font.
Do not stretch the logo.
Do not squeeze the logo.
Do not alter the stroke of the ‘Q’.
Do not use colours other than the specified brand colours.
The logo should not be used as a wireframe.
Vertical Specific Logos

The vertical's name should be placed beside the brand name. This name will be in a specially modified font. While distinct from the font used for the brand name (to allow the unit to be read as two separate words), this font compliments it perfectly.

Download Logo
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Download Logo
.png .jpeg .eps .pdf
Download Logo
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Download Logo
.png .jpeg .eps .pdf
Download Logo
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You can download our complete Brand Manual for further details.

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