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Prices for popular used products calculated using MSP
Quikr MSP User Guide
What is MSP Calculator?

MSP is a new concept pioneered by Quikr and stands for Maximum Selling Price. Today, Indian consumers are all familiar with the concept of MRP when it comes to buying. However, there is no clarity when it comes to the pricing of used goods.

Both sellers and buyers are unsure about what a reasonable price should be and very often the transaction value ends up being lower or higher.

How is the MSP calculated?

The MSP Calculator works using a special algorithm designed by Quikr’s internal team. It uses various data points to arrive at a resale price for used goods across categories.

This algorithm takes into account the pricing of a particular item in every category based on similar product listings over the past several months. Since we have a huge number of listings across various categories on our platform, the MSP Calculator gives timely and credible indication about resale prices. This provides both buyers and sellers with information about the prevailing market rates for used goods across categories.

Terms & Conditions for using MSP
  • The Quikr MSP calculator has been designed to help sellers arrive at reasonable resale prices for their goods. But, these are only indicative prices based on historic data and there is no guarantee that sellers will get the exact prices mentioned.
  • The actual price that sellers will finally get depend on various things including the condition of the product, the demand for it etc. Quikr has no control over these variables.

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