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Yamaha fz-s Bike for sale
2013 yamaha fz-s for sale good condition company service 16000km black and orang single owner
Rs 57,000
Yamaha FZ 16 black for sale
Good condition. not using regularly so planning to sell . ap registration. will provide agreeme...
Rs 42,000
Yamaha FZS 2011 Model - 15000 Km
Excellent show room condition. ran only 15000 km.
Rs 56,000
Yamaha Fz for sale 2010
I wand to sell my yamaha fz km run62000
Rs 45,000
Yamaha FZ16 Mileage of 50+
Selling my bike , maintained very well , always maintained economy speed new rear tyres ...
Rs 40,000
2009 Model Yamaha FZ16..Driven 45000kms Only
Well maintained yamaha fz16 red colour tvpm reg. for sale...regular service @ every
Rs 45,000
38 minutes ago
Yamaha FZ-S black and green edition
My bike is black and green edition, good condition,front and back new tyres.
Rs 47,000
Yamaha FZS for sale
I want to sell my yamaha fzs immediately. call me at: 9995444637 km done:35000 mint condition n...
Rs 50,000
Yamaha fz fr sale 2009 model(black) 25000km run, documents up to date expected price 45k plz cn...
Rs 45,000
Yamaha fz.s 65,000 only
A brand new 8 months old yamaha fz.s for sale showroom condition .5 years warranty remaints any...
Rs 65,000
I wana Sell ma Yamaha Fz-S 2011 model
Hi, i want sell ma bike yamaha fz-s limited edition 2011, color black gold, single used bike wi...
Rs 40,000
2011 Yamaha Fz 16 showroom condition
Well maintained and accident free. new chain sprocket, front and rear brakes overhauled(less th...
Rs 57,000
Yamaha FZ bike for sale in Trivandrum
I want to sell my yamaha fz bike 2010 model good condition , fixed price .
Rs 42,000
urgent sale Yamaha fzs battle green limited edition
Urgent sale fzs new battle green limited edition good condition single owner used 2013-14 ...
Rs 78,000
2011 Yamaha FZ16 for sale
Yamaha fz16 2011 model in showroom condition for sale. • black color. • 22k kilometers done. • ...
Rs 52,000
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Fz 16 model 2009 color black price while purchasing - 73k kms run - 10000 only. used onl...
Rs 45,000
Good condition , fancy number, black colour, new tyres
Rs 38,000
Yamaha FZS Black and Green: Aug 2012 model
Well maintained, impressive mileage of 42-45 km/l. all the service complted on time till date.
Rs 70,000
2012 yamaha fz s red with white 19000km
2012 yamaha fz s red with white colour 19000 km
Rs 60,000
A brand new 8 months old yamaha fz.s for sale. 67000 rs only no accident. showroom condition. ...
Rs 67,000
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2011 model Yamaha FZ (black) for sale in mint condition.
2011 yamaha fz for sale in excellent condition. all papers are clear. 29000 kms done, black col...
Rs 43,000
2012-dec model limited edition full black yamaha- fz for 50000rupees. no scratches, no alterna...
Rs 50,000
yamaha fz s sunset red
I want to sell my fz s sunset red urgently . it was taken on jun 22nd 2012 .good condition. tho...
Rs 60,000
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2009 model Yamaha FZ for sale @ Attingal
2009 model yamaha fz for sale @ attingal 2009 last (sep.2009), very goog codi, well maintained,...
Rs 46,000
I want to sell my yamaha fzs green 2010 dec model 32000km expected price rs55000/- pls feel fr...
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